Russian President Vladimir Putin net Worth wiki bio(updated)

Russian President Vladimir Putin net Worth wiki bio


Vladimir Putin is a current Russian president. According to some newspapers, Russian President Vladimir Putin net Worth is 200 billion dollars. he is serving the nation since 7 may 2012. previously holding the position from 2000 until 2008.before that he was the prime minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000. During his first term of presidency, he served to the nation as an acting president of Russia during the resignation of Boris Yeltsin. after finishing the first term he is the chairman of ruling United Russian party.

Vladimir was born on  7 October 1952 in Russia Leningrad. 1952Russiaa was the part of the soviet union. he finished his graduation in law at the state university of Leningrad.after graduation Putin was worked in KGB(committee for state security) for 16 years there Putin was promoted as  Lieutenant Colonel before his 1996 Putin moved to Moscow and there he meets with president Boris Yeltsin and he joined the administration.  in administration Putin rising quickly and in 1999 Putin serve as the acting president of Russia 2000 election Putin won with 53% to 30% difference against to Communist Party of the Russian Federation opponent  Gennady Zyuganov.

childhood and education

Putin was born in Saint Petersburg on 7 October 1952. His parents are Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin and Maria Ivanovna Putina.putin mother was doing a labor work in factory and father is doing a job in Soviet Union navy.putin father was working in a navy submarine which is used to attack the enemies in war.his father is a very brave man. he is in the second world war. after the war, Putin father leaves the job and he started doing a job as foreman in a factory.puttin was the third son of his parents his two elder brothers died in childhood.

in 1960 to 1968 Putin went to primary school the one is situated on the bascov lake .after that he joined the high school there Putin was taking interest in sports especially in sambo (its a kind of martial arts) and judo. In 1975 Putin complete his graduation at Leningrad state university. after completion of his graduation, he starts working in KGB

KGB Career

In 1975 Putin join the KGB this is the state security council.  in the starting, he goes to the training school of KGB at KGB he worked as director secretariat but in a short period, he becomes the employe of counterintelligence division. after promotion, he was sent back to training school to prepare himself for a trip to Germany.1985 to 1990 he is an undercover agent in Germany with a cover identity of the translator.

After the collapse of the Communist East German government, Putin comes back to Russia Leningrad in 1990. there he works in international affairs section of Leningrad state university.

Russian President Vladimir Putin net Worth wiki bio

Political career

  • 1990–1996: Saint Petersburg administration

In 1990 to 1996 Putin was appointed as the advisor of the mayor for international affairs.this was starting point of Putin’s political career.on 28 June 1991 he became the head of this department.where he got the responsibility to increase the foreign investment and international relations

from 1994 to until 1996 Putin worked on many govt positions in Saint Petersburg

  • 1996–1999: Early Moscow career

in 1996 after mayor Anatolytoly lose in elections. he called back to Moscow .there he worked in administration under the president Boris Yeltsin. until 1997 Putin work there.

in 1997 26 march Boris Yeltsin appoints Putin as deputy of the president. he worked on this position until 1998.with this at the same time until 1998 he was the head of presidential property management department.on 25 may 1998 Putin was appointed as the head of F.F.B state security council. (one of the important departments of K.G.B)

  • 1999: First premiership

on 9 August 1999 Putin was appointed as first deputy prime minister. and at same day president Boris Yeltsin appoint him as acting president of Russian Federation.on that Putin agreed for the presidential a tv news, Boris Yeltsin said he wants to see him as a successor.

on 16 August Putin was won the election with 233 votes.



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